Funnel examples
A visual of what a funnel can look like and why they improve conversions and boost your business
The purpose of a funnel is to take the reader and lead them to the end result you want to achieve. The simplicity of them keeps it straight to the point so the reader can't get distracted or won't feel overwhelmed and click away. 

Funnel Portfolio

Home page Funnel for General Computer Repairs

This Funnel was designed as a homepage to explain the companies service, values and benefits of working with them. The reviews were also included as this is a great way to show future customers who they are working with!

Home page Funnel My Funnel design and Dev

This Funnel explains what Funnels are all about and why they are taking over the internet. The theme is consistent throughout and gives away enough information to educate but not so much it becomes overwhelming.

CBD Sales Funnel

This CBD sales funnel explains the benefits of CBD as-well as benefits of the company and works to build trust with the reader so they know the quality of product they are getting.

Bridge Page from Main Company to Other Services

This Funnel is more of a bridge page, outlining the different services so the reader can select the service most applicable to them and go to that Funnel. Simple but effective in showing the reader what they need to know.
Funnel Mockups
Home page funnel
This has elements of a traditional home page but turns into an actual lead funnel. This tells the story of who the business is, what they do and some key benefits. 
Each section is simple and highlights the key points, without all of the distractions of multiple links and images that ultimatley persuade readers to exit the page. Keeping the text relavent and to the point means they get the key take away and move on to the next section you want them to see, so they have everything they need to know and can be persuaded that way to become a customer.
The goal for this is for them to contact and enquire about the services which is why other than the header links, this is the only call to action on the page, so the reader knows what to do, and you tell them what they are looking for.

Hero page
This tells your stor and builds rapport with the reader, telling the story of who they are and what they want to achieve by helping people. This particular example showcases a business rather than an individual and the goal is for the reader to contact the business. 
Usually a hero funnel tells a story that in turn gains a list of followers as the story is told, with this you can get people to join a newsletter if you have one and/or follow social media accounts
Opt in funnel
The goal for this funnel is to obtain someones contact details. To do this you need to exchange value, you want to offer them something that will be useful to them, so that they want to give you their contact details. 
The first section highlights what they are going to get and the problem it will solve, so it will be something like "How to do (the thing) without having to do (the thing that either holds them back or puts them off)" and do this with either a free video, or pdf or some sort of infoproduct that provides them value that they wouldn't want to refuse.
The next step, the "Thank you" page delivers the offer and thanks them for it, this builds rapport with the reader which is important now you have their details. 
Bridge page to other services
A bridge page literally bridges the gap between you and the product/service provided. It gives them the information they need to understand what it is about and if it is what they need before then going ont to the next funnel.
This particular example highlights different services the company provides and gives a general overview of what they do, so the reader can decide which one applies to them then go to the corrosponding funnel.
More examples are coming soon along with an improved breakdown of different types of funnels and how they are used to achieve different goals. 
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